The increasing proportion of skin diseases, especially infectious and allergic skin diseases, encountered in general practice represents a substantial part of the morbidity in children. Only limited information is available about the epidemiology of skin diseases in children in general practice and many questions in this field are still unanswered. In this thesis, after a general overview of all skin related morbidity in children in general practice, we will focus on the changes in the incidence and management of infectious skin diseases during the past decades. Moreover, we aim to identify determinants that are associated with the incidence of infectious skin diseases in children encountered in general practice in order to provide tools for improvement of general practice care and prevention of infectious skin diseases and their complications. We performed an observational study comparing data of the two Dutch national surveys. The setting of the research was general practice as, in the Netherlands, the majority of skin diseases were diagnosed and treated by general practitioners. In chapter 2 we compared incidence rates of all skin diseases presented by children aged 0 – 17 years in general practice between 1987 and 2001.

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F.G. Schellevis (François) , B.W. Koes (Bart)
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Mohammedamin, R. (2007, February 14). Infectious Skin Diseases in Children in General Practice: epidemiology and management. Retrieved from