This paper is a contribution on financial sustainability of hospital biobanks and data warehouses for biospecimens. It aims to discuss new venues for cost models in addition to conventional cost recovery models. It follows the first paper issues on economics of biobanking by Huttin and Liebman, where adaptive platforms where already suggested for biobanks in translational medicine. A case study approach is proposed in order to identify the type of cost drivers that will be needed for optimization of resource allocation in hospital biobanks. It can help the collaboration with designers of ontologies for adaptive platforms, with new data elements on costs and their measurement in different organizational structures.

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Technology and Health Care
Department of Bioinformatics

Huttin, C., & Stubbs, A. (2016). A contribution for cost models in biobanking. Technology and Health Care, 24(1), 93–98. doi:10.3233/THC-151110