In this paper we argue that effective climate adaptation depends on the ability of actors on various levels to achieve a multilevel governance process in which their distinct activities result in a coherent adaptation strategy. The classic government's capacity to coordinate such complex processes has proved limited. Therefore we explore the notion of synchronisation-the ability of actors to connect governance processes that all have their own development, logic and selforganising dynamics. With a theoretical conceptualisation and a case study, we analyse whether and how the concept of synchronisation helps to understand the self-organising coordinative capacity within multilevel governance processes.

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Policy and politics
Erasmus University Rotterdam

van Popering-Verkerk, J., Teisman, G., & van Buuren, A. (2015). Synchronising climate adaptation processes in a multilevel governance setting: Exploring synchronisation of governance levels in the Dutch Delta. Policy and politics, 43(4), 579–596. doi:10.1332/030557312X655909