Acute coronary syndromes (ACS) are prevalent, portend a poor prognosis and represent the most threatening manifestation of coronary artery disease. While very little doubt exists about the clinical benefit of restoring culprit vessels' patency in patients admitted for ACS, the risk stratification and individual treatment strategy in these complex scenarios is not always straight forward. This is because the extension of myocardial damage and left ventricle recovery are difficult to predict, and a sizable proportion of patients admitted for ACS have bystander multivessel disease. This review summarizes available literature on the adjuvant role of invasive coronary physiology indices in guiding treatment and providing further risk stratification in patients suffering from ACS.

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Interventional Cardiology
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Echavarria-Pinto, M., Serruys, P., Garcia-Garcia, H., Broyd, C., Cerrato, E., MacAya, C., & Escaned, J. (2015). Use of intracoronary physiology indices in acute coronary syndromes. Interventional Cardiology (Vol. 7, pp. 483–495). doi:10.2217/ica.15.28