As the global container traffic flow is consequently increasing, the maritime container terminals (CTs) are seeking new ways to improve their service. Taking the container import pick-up context as a test case, we show that operational service can be improved by re-evaluating the information protocol. In this study, we analyze and propose measures to improve the existing pre-notification approval protocol, the procedure that bridges the CT and the incoming drayage trucks (DTs) in the container pick-up process. We put the emphasis on the importance of considering the containers' exact location in the pre-notification approval request. The proposal is assessed by conducting agent based simulation experimentations. The results reveal the opportunities to improve the CT's performance in terms of the reshuffling frequency, the truck turnaround time, and the average queue length at the CT's gate-in, in favour of the proposal.

Erasmus Research Institute of Management

Wasesa, M., Nijdam, P., Muhammad, I. H., & van Heck, E. (2012). Improving the pre-notification protocol of the containers pick-up procedure: An agent-based approach. Retrieved from