Introduction: While options for treatment strategies for infantile hemangiomas (IH) are numerous, evidence-based information about agents, optimal dosage, adverse effects, treatment modality, pretreatment and treatment strategies remain limited.
Areas covered: To evaluate side effects and adverse events of medical treatment in children with infantile hemangioma, a comprehensive review of the literature was performed to provide information for daily practice. In total 254 studies were retrieved from medical databases and comprised 10,022 patients divided into 5 different treatment groups. Information about working mechanism, side effects and adverse events of therapies used as a single agent for IH are discussed and evaluated according to information from pharmacotherapeutic databases. Randomized controlled trials have only scarcely been performed for the many therapeutic options reported for IH. Short- and long-term side effects and adverse events, have not been systematically studied. Subsequently information about the medical treatment options and pharmacotheraputic databases for therapy in children with IH are incomplete.
Expert opinion: From the many therapeutic options, propranolol is the first-line approach for IH, predominantly based on clinical observation, efficacy and tolerability in the short-term. The unsolved ravels of possible short and long-term adverse events of propranolol used during early developmental stages of children need thorough review.

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Expert Opinion on Drug Safety
Department of Pediatrics

Raphael, M. F., Breur, J. M. P. J., Vlasveld, F. A. E., Elbert, N., Liem, Y. T. B., Kon, M., … Pasmans, S. (2016). Treatment of infantile hemangiomas: Therapeutic options in regard to side effects and adverse events - A review of the literature. Expert Opinion on Drug Safety (Vol. 15, pp. 199–214). doi:10.1517/14740338.2016.1130125