Two case histories are presented documenting structural chromosome abnormalities in infertile males. The abnormalities were detected only after application of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) was repeatedly unsuccessful or resulted in an abnormal pregnancy. A mosaic Robertsonian translocation 45,XY,der(13;13)(q10; q10)/46,XY,t(13;13)(p10;p10), der(13p;13p) incompatible with normal offspring was found in a male with extreme oligozoospermia after three subsequent ICSI treatments were unsuccessful and one had resulted in a spontaneous abortion. A second case involved a Robertsonian translocation 45,XY,der(13;14)(q10;q10) which was detected in a male with extreme oligozoospermia after ultrasound abnormalities were found in an ICSI-induced twin pregnancy. Amniocentesis showed an unbalanced 46,XY,+13,der(13;14)(q10;q10) karyotype in one twin and a Robertsonian 45,XX,der(13;14)(q10;q10) karyotype in the other twin. Chromosome analysis of males with abnormal sperm characteristics is advised prior to ICSI.

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Human Reproduction
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Weber, R., Los, F. J., den Hollander, N., Dhont, M., Pieters, M. H., van Hemel, J. O., & in 't Veld, P. A. (1997). Two cases of Robertsonian translocations in oligozoospermic males and their consequences for pregnancies induced by intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Human Reproduction. Retrieved from