The cerebellum of the rat has been, and still is, extensively studied in neuroscience research. Here, we provide a systematic description of the general morphology of the rat cerebellum, of the anatomy of its lobes and lobules, cortex and nuclei. After a brief outline of the various cerebellar cell types and their intrinsic connections and organization, the chapter will focus on the organization of the circuitry between cerebellar cortex and nuclei and their relation to molecular and genetic determinants. In addition, this chapter will cover an overview of the precerebellar nuclei and their cerebellar projections as well as a synopsis of the brainstem and diencephalic structures that are influenced by the cerebellar output. Where appropriate, some brief notes on the physiological impact of cerebellar functioning will be included.

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Department of Neuroscience

Ruigrok, T., Sillitoe, R. V., & Voogd, J. (2014). Cerebellum and Cerebellar Connections. doi:10.1016/B978-0-12-374245-2.00009-7