In this article we present a model for transforming a car-based mobility system into a more sustainable one. It is based on visions of sustainable mobility, the use of strategic experiments and special programmes for system innovation, to complement transport policies such as road pricing, emission standards and so on. The article does three things: it describes the model of transition management as a model for transformation and where it comes from, it offers recommendations for mobility policy derived from transition thinking, and it discusses the uptake of transition thinking in policy and practice. The conclusion is that transition management helps various actors to be more engaged with long-term change, but that a process of re-institutionalisation is needed to make serious progress to systems of mobility which combine user benefits with societal benefits.

European Transport - Trasporti Europei
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Kemp, R., Avelino, F., & Bressers, N. (2011). Transition management as a model for sustainable mobility. European Transport - Trasporti Europei, (47), 25–46. Retrieved from