Rendu Osler Weber disease is a genetic disorder, characterized by telangiectasia and arteriovenous malformations which present among others in the nasal mucosa. Patients frequently present with recurrent epistaxis. The vascular dysplasia makes the epistaxis hard to manage and the traditional treatment modalities can be ineffective. We describe two patients with Rendu Osier Weber and recurrent epistaxis in which the involved vessels are embolized. Embolization is a therapeutic option if other less invasive treatments fail.

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Het Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Keel- Neus- Oorheelkunde
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Veder, L. L., Van Veldhoven, M. A., van Overhagen, H., & Rijntjes, E. (2011). Patients with Rendu-Osler-Weber disease and recurrent epistaxis: Embolization as a treatment option. Het Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Keel- Neus- Oorheelkunde, 17(1), 26–29. Retrieved from