The panel intended to collect data, opinions and views for a systematic and multiaxial approach for a comprehensive presentation of "History of Medical Informatics", treating both general (global) characteristics, but emphasizing the particular features for Europe. The topic was not only a subject of large interest but also of great importance in preparing a detailed material for celebration of forty years of medical informatics in Europe. The panel comprised a list of topics, trying to cover all major aspects to be discussed. Proposals of staging the major periods of medical informatics history were also discussed.

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Acta Informatica Medica
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Mihalas, G., Zvárová, J., Kulikowski, C., Ball, M., van Bemmel, J., Hasman, A., … Barber, B. (2014). History of medical informatics in Europe-a short review by different approach. Acta Informatica Medica, 22(1), 6–10. doi:10.5455/aim.2014.22.6-10