Background: Peri-rectal tumors are rare and their management is challenging, especially when presenting with local recurrence. The aim of the current study was to report a multicenter series of peri-rectal tumors, focusing on the risk of recurrence. Material and methods: From 1994 to 2014, patients with peri-rectal tumors from three different centers were retrospectively analyzed. Sixty-two patients were identified and divided into two groups; Group 1: patients who presented with local recurrence at follow-up (n = 9, recurrence rate: 14.5%), and Group 2: patients without recurrence (n = 53). Results: In Group 1, there were initially more patients with symptoms of a perineal mass (44.4% vs. 12.2%; p = 0.04), more malignant tumors (55.6% vs. 15.1%; p = 0.02), and larger lesions (+2.6 cm; p = 0.004). Incomplete resection was also more frequent in Group 1 (44.4% vs. 3.8%; p = 0.003). Eight patients with recurrence had further surgery, whilst one patient had radiological recurrence and was treated medically. Among the eight re-resections, five patients remain disease-free; two have had further recurrences and have had palliative treatment, whilst another has had a further resection and remains disease-free. Conclusions: Peri-rectal tumors are uncommon and there is no consensus on best management. Based on this large multicenter series, several risk factors seem to be associated with local recurrence, namely patient- (discovery of a perineal mass), tumor- (malignant and large lesion), and surgery-related (incomplete resection). Clinical follow-up should be adapted according to these factors.

Ischiorectal, Outcomes, Presacral, Recurrence, Retrorectal, Surgery, Tumors,
European Journal of Surgical Oncology
Department of Surgery

Buchs, N.C, Gosselink, M.P, Scarpa, C.R, Ris, F, Saiji, E, Bloemendaal, A.L.A, … George, B.D. (2016). A multicenter experience with peri-rectal tumors: The risk of local recurrence. European Journal of Surgical Oncology, 42(6), 817–822. doi:10.1016/j.ejso.2016.02.018