Research was undertaken regarding the Dutch climate on alcohol in 1994 and results were compared with earlier findings. It was found that the social climate on alcohol in The Netherlands can be characterized by 'moderation'. Over the years, drinking without problems has become more acceptable (and is even encouraged at times) whereas excessive drinking and consequent problems still meet strong disapproval. Opinions concerning alcohol control measures mirror this attitude. Measures such as the restriction of drinking in public places and raising the age limits are endorsed by the public. However, more people are now against restrictions on the general availability of alcohol. Although drink-driving has decreased over the years, its prevalence is still high, especially among those who are most at risk.

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Alcohol and Alcoholism
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Bongers, I., van de Goor, I., & Garretsen, H. (1998). Social climate on alcohol in Rotterdam, The Netherlands: public opinion on drinking behaviour and alcohol control measures. Alcohol and Alcoholism. Retrieved from