This chapter contains sections titled: Introduction, What Are We Talking about?, Why Assess Automatic Associations?, A Brief Summary of Findings in Adults, How to Assess Automatic Associations?, Conclusions, References.

Affective priming paradigm (APP), Assessing automatic associations, Assessment of fear-related automatic associations in children and adolescents, Automatic association, Distinguishing between automatic and controlled processes, Extrinsic affective Simon task (EAST), Indirect (RT-based) measures of automatic associations - informative in context of child and adolescent anxiety disorders, Indirect measures of automatic associations, measures referred as, Using EAST in child and adolescents anxiety, Varieties of reaction time (RT),
Department of Psychology

Huijding, J, Wiers, R.W, & Field, A.P. (2010). The assessment of fear-related automatic associations in children and adolescents. doi:10.1002/9780470661468.ch7