This chapter aims to make sense of the growing research that examines the role of culture in mergers and acquisitions. We provide a detailed review of the many related but distinct constructs that have been introduced to the literature. While each construct has contributed to our understanding of the role of culture, the lack of connections made among constructs has limited the consolidation of contributions. The review shows what these constructs mean for mergers and acquisitions, what major findings have been discovered, and, most importantly, how constructs interrelate. Our discussion provides several opportunities to foster the needed consolidation of this research. Copyright

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Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University

Rottig, D., Reus, T., & Tarba, S. Y. (2013). The impact of culture on mergers and acquisitions: A third of a century of research. doi:10.1108/S1479-361X(2013)0000012009