Research at the nexus of strategic leadership and entrepreneurial contexts has been encouraging, but some of the more innovative and impactful questions remain underexplored. The purpose of the Special Issue was to provide a forum for works that build on the constraints, challenges, characteristics, and other salient elements of entrepreneurial settings to advance theory and testing on strategic leadership effects, as well as enrich our understanding of firm behaviour and outcomes in entrepreneurial contexts. We first provide an overview and background of the Special Issue. We then provide a summary of the process and outcomes, including a synopsis of the accepted manuscripts. The discussion finally traces the implications of the Special Issue for future research directions on strategic leadership and leaders in entrepreneurial contexts.

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Journal of Management Studies
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Simsek, Z., Jansen, J., Minichilli, A., & Escriba-Esteve, A. (2015). Strategic leadership and leaders in entrepreneurial contexts: A nexus for innovation and impact missed?. Journal of Management Studies, 52(4), 463–478. doi:10.1111/joms.12134