Agglomeration economies, and uneven distribution across cities/regions, Agglomeration measurement, microeconomic and behavioral needed, Effects of regional circumstances on regional economic growth, Firm in agglomeration studies, the missing link, Micro-macro level heterogeneity and interrelationships, firms and profit, Multilevel and firm-agglomeration ambiguity in growth studies, Multilevel modeling, of firm performance and (agglomerated) contexts, Spatial circumstances, as giving rise to agglomeration economies, Strategic management, firm's ability in coordinating/transfer of knowledge, The missing link, agglomeration and individual firm performance,
Erasmus University Rotterdam

van Oort, F.G, Burger, M.J, Knoben, J, & Raspe, O. (2012). Multilevel Approaches and the Firm-Agglomeration Ambiguity in Economic Growth Studies. doi:10.1002/9781118427248.ch6