Cents RAM, Los AM, Bindels PJE. Adolescent suicide. Huisarts Wet 2016;58(3):126-30. Suicide is a major cause of death among adolescents in the Netherlands. Although the prevalence of suicide is low, the impact on those involved is huge. General practitioners, as family doctors and gatekeepers, are ideally suited to identify those adolescents at increased risk of suicide. This requires a good knowledge of the risk factors for suicide, the most important being an earlier suicide attempt and psychological problems. A good exchange of information with other health professionals is essential in order to obtain a complete picture of potential risk factors. Moreover, because many adolescents with mental health problems do not seek medical attention, or visit their GP with non-specific physical symptoms problems, it is important that GPs are proactive. If a GP suspects suicidality, he or she should try to encourage the patient to talk about suicidal thoughts and plans.