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Keywords Colorectal cancer, Cytoreductive surgery (CRS), Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC), Synchronous peritoneal carcinomatosis
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Journal European Journal of Surgical Oncology
Razenberg, L.G.E.M, van Gestel, Y.R.B.M, Creemers, G.J.M, Verwaal, V.J, Lemmens, V.E.P.P, & de Hingh, I.H.J.T. (2015). Trends in cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy for the treatment of synchronous peritoneal carcinomatosis of colorectal origin in the Netherlands. European Journal of Surgical Oncology, 41(4), 466–471. doi:10.1016/j.ejso.2015.01.018