The Brain Tumor Epidemiology Consortium (BTEC) is an open scientific forum, which fosters the development of multi-center, international and inter-disciplinary collaborations. BTEC aims to develop a better understanding of the etiology, outcomes, and prevention of brain tumors ( The 15th annual Brain Tumor Epidemiology Consortium Meeting, hosted by the Austrian Societies of Neuropathology and Neuro-oncology, was held on September 9 - 11, 2014 in Vienna, Austria. The meeting focused on the central role of brain tumor epidemiology within multidisciplinary neuro-oncology. Knowledge of disease incidence, outcomes, as well as risk factors is fundamental to all fields involved in research and treatment of patients with brain tumors; thus, epidemiology constitutes an important link between disciplines, indeed the very hub. This was reflected by the scientific program, which included various sessions linking brain tumor epidemiology with clinical neuro-oncology, tissue-based research, and cancer registration. Renowned experts from Europe and the United States contributed their personal perspectives stimulating further group discussions. Several concrete action plans evolved for the group to move forward until next year's meeting, which will be held at the Mayo Clinic at Rochester, MN, USA.

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Clinical Neuropathology
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Woehrer, A., Lau, C. C., Prayer, D., Bauchet, L., Rosenfeld, M. R., Capper, D., … Barnholtz-Sloan, J. S. (2015). Brain tumor epidemiology - A hub within multidisciplinary neuro-oncology. report on the 15th brain tumor epidemiology consortium (BTEC) annual meeting, Vienna, 2014. Clinical Neuropathology, 34(1), 40–46. doi:10.5414/NP300846