In this paper we give an analytic tableau calculus PL16 for a functionally complete extension of Shramko and Wansing’s logic. The calculus is based on signed formulas and a single set of tableau rules is involved in axiomatising each of the four entailment relations ⊧t, ⊧f, ⊧i, and ⊧ under consideration—the differences only residing in initial assignments of signs to formulas. Proving that two sets of formulas are in one of the first three entailment relations will in general require developing four tableaux, while proving that they are in the ⊧ relation may require six.

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Journal of Philosophical Logic
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Muskens, R., & Wintein, S. (2015). Analytic Tableaux for all of SIXTEEN 3. Journal of Philosophical Logic, 44(5), 473–487. doi:10.1007/s10992-014-9337-3