Introduction: Light medical compression stockings (pressure 10-20 mmHg - MCS 20) improve some objective and subjective symptoms in subjects with a standing profession, decrease the risk for thrombosis during longhaul flights, and improve muscular pain in sportsmen. Objective: To evaluate the effect of Proleg® stockings (MCS 20) on leg symptoms in a choir after a standing rehearsal. Materials and methods: We performed a case-control study, in which the cases wore MCS 20 during rehearsal, and the controls did not wear any stocking. Preceding rehearsal all the subjects filled in a questionnaire. After rehearsal the effect of the stockings was evaluated by a second questionnaire. A part of the questions was answered by visual analogue scores. Results: Wearing MCS 20 leads to significant improvement of symptoms of leg fatigue (P < 0.01). Improvement of symptoms of leg swelling, leg cramp, and restless legs was demonstrated, but this improvement was not significant. Conclusions: MCS 20 are very effective in preventing symptoms of leg fatigue during sustained standing. Besides they reduce symptoms of restless legs, leg swelling, and leg cramp. Further research should show if standing for a longer period (> 1 hour) improves the last mentioned symptoms significantly.

Phlebologie - Annales Vasculaires
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Reeder Suzan, W.I, de Roos, K.P, & Neumann, H.A.M. (2011). Effects of light medical compression stockings (10-20 mmHg) on a group of singers. Phlebologie - Annales Vasculaires, 64(1), 59–64. Retrieved from