In the Netherlands, several general practice registrations exist. Groups of general practitioners register elements of patient care according to agreed-upon criteria, and these data are collected in a central database. By means of a questionnaire the authors interviewed the managers of all nine computerized registration networks extensively about the possibilities and limitations of their registration. In addition, respondents answered some questions with data from the central database of their network. Various items are collected by nearly all the registration networks, while other items are collected by only one network. Answering questions with data from the central database turned out to be difficult. Organization and manpower are the main obstacles.

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American Medical Informatics Association. Journal
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Hart, H.E, van der Wouden, J.C, Hoppener, P, van Schendel, G.J, & Knottnerus, J.A. (1999). General practice registration networks in the Netherlands: a brief report. American Medical Informatics Association. Journal. Retrieved from