Aim: Venous training in Europe is lacking a formal curriculum among various specialties related to management of venous diseases. We conducted a survey in order to have a snapshot on the actual education and training level among physicians practicing currently venous surgery and phlebology in Europe. Methods: From April 7, 2014 to June 11, 2014 a survey was carried out using the Survey Monkey system, including 11 main questions covering all the domains of training and education in venous surgery and phlebology. The questionnaire was sent to all physicians included in the current mailing list of the European Venous Forum (EVF) and the Mediterranean League of Angiology and Vascular Surgery. Two questions were particularly addressed to those physicians who had attended the EVF hands-on workshop (HOW) at least once. Results: The response rate was 24% (97/400) and 51.5% of them were practicing in a hospital service. Most responders were vascular surgeons (67.7%), followed by angiologists (19.4%). Only half of the responders felt as being competent to manage the whole spectrum of venous diseases successfully after completion of their training, while a few were able to perform endovenous ablations and even less more advanced venous interventions. Formal training in Duplex ultrasound was undertaken only in 55.2%. The majority suggested that a venous training program should be a separate part of their specialty rotation and should be organized at a national or European level, or even by a specific scientific society. Over 95% of those physicians who already participated in the EVF HOW considered the knowledge they acquired there as useful for their practice. Conclusion: There is currently an important need for more specialized venous training for all physicians involved in the diagnosis and management of venous diseases. Therefore all local, national and international initiatives should be encouraged to improve education in this field.

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International Angiology
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Spanos, K, de Maeseneer, M.G.R, Nicolaides, A.N, & Giannoukas, A.D. (2015). A survey of the European Venous Forum on education and training in venous surgery and phlebology in Europe. In International Angiology (Vol. 34, pp. 182–187). Retrieved from