Purpose: We assessed the burden of waiting for surveillance CT colonography (CTC) performed in patients having 6–9 mm colorectal polyps on primary screening CTC. Additionally, we compared the burden of primary and surveillance CTC. Materials and methods: In an invitational population-based CTC screening trial, 101 persons were diagnosed with <3 polyps 6–9 mm, for which surveillance CTC after 3 years was advised. Validated questionnaires regarding expected and perceived burden (5-point Likert scales) were completed before and after index and surveillance CTC, also including items on burden of waiting for surveillance CTC. McNemar’s test was used for comparison after dichotomization. Results: Seventy-eight (77 %) of 101 invitees underwent surveillance CTC, of which 66 (85 %) completed the expected and 62 (79 %) the perceived burden questionnaire. The majority of participants (73 %) reported the experience of waiting for surveillance CTC as ‘never’ or ‘only sometimes’ burdensome. There was almost no difference in expected and perceived burden between surveillance and index CTC. Waiting for the results after the procedure was significantly more burdensome for surveillance CTC than for index CTC (23 vs. 8 %; p = 0.012). Conclusion: Waiting for surveillance CTC after primary CTC screening caused little or no burden for surveillance participants. In general, the burden of surveillance and index CTC were comparable. Key points: • Waiting for surveillance CTC within a CRC screening caused little burden• The vast majority never or only sometimes thought about their polyp(s) • In general, the burden of index and surveillance CTC were comparable• Awaiting results was more burdensome for surveillance than for index CTC

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doi.org/10.1007/s00330-016-4251-4, hdl.handle.net/1765/90911
European Radiology: journal of the European Congress of Radiology
Department of Radiology

Tutein Nolthenius, C. J., Boellaard, T. N., de Haan, M., Nio, Y., Thomeer, M., Bipat, S., … Stoker, J. (2016). Burden of waiting for surveillance CT colonography in patients with screen-detected 6–9 mm polyps. European Radiology: journal of the European Congress of Radiology, 26(11), 4000–4010. doi:10.1007/s00330-016-4251-4