The previous manuscript has the authors grouped by institution in the final paper, yielding an incorrect order of the authors (Luu, Niessen, vanWalsum, Klink, Moelker). The correct order is Ha Manh Luu, Camiel Klink,Wiro Niessen, Adriaan Moelker, Theo van Walsum.,
Medical Physics
Department of Radiology

Luu, H. M., Klink, C., Niessen, W., Moelker, A., & van Walsum, T. (2015). Erratum: An automatic registration method for pre- and post-interventional CT images for assessing treatment success in liver RFA treatment (Medical Physics (2015) 42 (5559-5567)). Medical Physics, 42(12). doi:10.1118/1.4935867