Based on the pivotal trial showing no clinicallyrelevant differences between pegylated interferon α-2b (Peg-α-2b) and α-2a (Peg-α-2a) combined with ribavirin for treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 1 infection in Ukraine, a cost-minimization analysis was performed using a 1 year time horizon and both a health care and patients' perspective. A decision tree reflects treatment pathways. Drug costs were based on drug labeling and adjusted to the average body mass in Ukraine. Subgroup analysis was applied to deal with heterogeneity of patient's weight causing dose changes. A break-even price of Peg-α-2a and Peg-α-2b (based on the average dose) was calculated. Univariate sensitivity analyses and probabilistic sensitivity analysis were carried out to reflect decision uncertainty. For an average body weight, total medical costs per patient differ from US$9220 for Peg-α-2b to US$9513 for Peg-α-2a from a health care perspective, and from US$15,212 to US$15,696 from a patients' perspective. Sensitivity analyses show these results are robust. With average body weight, the break-even price of Peg-α-2b may be 7.3% higher than Peg-α-2a to have similar total costs.

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Open Medicine
Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM)

Mandrik, O., Knies, S., Golubovska, O., Duda, O., Dudar, L., Fedorchenko, S., … Severens, H. (2015). Cost comparison of treating chronic hepatitis C genotype one with pegylated interferons in Ukraine. Open Medicine, 10(1), 25–33. doi:10.1515/med-2015-0006