Several self-administered questionnaires have been developed to assess childhood asthma control in a simple and standardized way. This review discusses the most commonly used questionnaires and explores their usefulness in asthma management in children. We conclude that the use of asthma control questionnaires in daily practice and in research contributes to the standardized evaluation of children with asthma and helps to track asthma symptoms, but validation studies in a wider range of settings are needed.

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Pediatric Pulmonology
Department of Pediatrics

Voorend-van Bergen, T.A.S, Vaessen-Verberne, A.A.P.H, de Jongste, J.C, & Pijnenburg, M.W.H. (2015). Asthma control questionnaires in the management of asthma in children: A review. Pediatric Pulmonology (Vol. 50, pp. 202–208). doi:10.1002/ppul.23098