In this paper we consider the uncapacitated economic lot-size model, where demand is a deterministic function of price. In the model a single price need to be set for all periods. The objective is to find an optimal price and ordering decisions simultaneously. In 1973 Kunreuther and Schrage proposed an heuristic algorithm to solve this problem. The contribution of our paper is twofold. First, we derive an exact algorithm to determine the optimal price and lot-sizing decisions. Moreover, we show that our algorithm boils down to solving a number of lot-sizing problems that is quadratic in the number of periods, i.e., the problem can be solved in polynomial time.

inventory, lot-sizing, pricing, production
Production, Pricing, and Market Structure; Size Distribution of Firms (jel L11), Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting (jel M), Production Management (jel M11), Transportation Systems (jel R4)
ERIM Report Series Research in Management
Erasmus Research Institute of Management

van den Heuvel, W, & Wagelmans, A.P.M. (2003). A Polynomial Time Algorithm for a Deterministic Joint Pricing and Inventory Model (No. ERS-2003-065-LIS). ERIM Report Series Research in Management. Retrieved from