Proactive business leaders who give responsibility to their team members are traditionally seen as drivers of performance, while their passive, laissez-faire counterparts are generally viewed in a dimmer light. But what if their success as managers was more dependent on the individual expectations and needs of those working for them rather than what they as leaders have decided is the right approach to directing operations?,
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This article draws its inspiration from the paper The Thin Line Between Empowering and Laissez-Faire Leadership: An Expectancy-Match Perspective, written by Steffen Robert Giessner and Sut I Wong and published in the Journal of Management online version, 1-27 (2016). DOI:

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University

Giessner, S., & Wong, S. (2016). The fine line between hands-on and hands-off leadership. RSM Discovery - Management Knowledge, 25(1), 11–13. doi: