The dynamic three-dimensional chromatin architecture of genomes and its coevolutionary connection to its function – the storage, expression, and replication of genetic information – is still one of the central issues in biology. Here, we describe the much debated 3D-architecture of the human and mouse genomes from the nucleosomal to the megabase pair level by a novel approach combining selective high-throughput high-resolution chromosomal interaction capture (T2C), polymer simulations, and scaling analysis of the 3D-architecture and the DNA sequence: The genome is compacted into a chromatin quasi-fibre with ~5±1 nucleosomes/11nm, folded into stable ~30-100 kbp loops forming stable loop aggregates/rosettes connected by similar sized linkers. Minor but significant variations in the architecture are seen between cell types/functional states. The architecture and the DNA sequence show very similar finestructured multi-scaling behaviour confirming their co-evolution and the above. This architecture, its dynamics, and accessibility balance stability and flexibility ensuring genome integrity and variation enabling gene expression/regulation by self-organization of (in)active units already in proximity. Our results agree with the heuristics of the field and allow "architectural sequencing" at a genome mechanics level to understand the inseparable systems genomic properties.

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Biophysical Genomics, Department Cell Biology & Genetics

Knoch, T., Wachsmuth, M., Kepper, N., Lesnussa, M., Abuseiris, A., Imam, A., … Grosveld, F. (2016). The Detailed 3D Multi-Loop Aggregate/Rosette Chromatin Architecture and Functional Dynamic Organization of the Human and Mouse Genomes. - BioRxiv Version. Retrieved from

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