Objectives of the research:
This research has been conducted to explore the role of community participation in Upgrading Projects of Infrastructure and Housing (UPIH) to determine the elements, especially the support from local government capacity, that have the effects on community participation and the outcomes of the project and to identify from those elements what contributes to the good outcome of UPIH. The main objectives of this study are as follows:
- To review the current context of community participation in Vietnam.
- To investigate the process of community participation in UPIH within the study areas, [1. To understand how community participation in UPIH takes place and how local government capacity influences community participation. 2. To identify the elements that contribute to good outcomes of UPIH.]
- To identify the transcending trends of community participation in relationship to local government capacity and outcomes in UPIH in the study areas.
- To propose and recommend the most appropriate community participation approach for UPIH with an orientation to successful project outcomes leading to sustainable performance in Vietnam.