Photovoice, a qualitative research methodology in which participants use photographs in combination with interviews, transcends the (false) binary between visual and verbal communication as images and words work in tandem to tell participants' stories. While audiences' reception of media has been explored thoroughly, visual interpretations as a key aspect of reception are under-researched. This neglect of visual aspects is striking, as audiences' reception often concerns media that are visual to a high degree (e.g., television, film, internet). We use visual elements, specifically photographs and screen shots, to analyze audiences' interpretations of True Blood.

Our chapter offers new ways to discuss aesthetic elements of television and the construction of latent meanings that would otherwise not appear in interviews. This chapter is a modest methodological contribution to help analyze the reception of audiences. It moves toward the inclusion of a visual aspect, via photovoice, in media studies.
Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC)

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