Faced with tougher and tougher online competition, traditional retailers are scrambling to find ways to exploit the advantages of realworld sales that e-commerce vendors can’t easily duplicate, such as taste and feel – and smell. Strong scents brighten attitudes and open wallets, and a recent study shows that the right scent at the right intensity can increase sales by nearly a third.

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Journal RSM Discovery - Management Knowledge
Note This article draws its inspiration from the paper Ambient Scent as a Mood Inducer in Supermarkets: The Role of Scent Intensity and Time-Pressure of Shoppers
Leenders, M.A.A.M, Smidts, A, & El Haji, A. (2016). Using scent to lift customers' moods. RSM Discovery - Management Knowledge, 27, 17–19. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/93318