The scope of this thesis is:
- Evaluation of the advantage of cell enrichment techniques in proteomics based biomarker discovery.
- Development and validation of a protein based classifier for tamoxifen resistance.
- Design and development of a targeted MS based assay to quantify classifier proteins.
- Analysis of pathways and potential biomarkers present in subgroups of ER positive breast cancers.

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Promotor J.A. Foekens (John) , A. Umar (Arzu) , J.W.M. Martens (John)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor This research project was supported by the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF). Support for the printing was obtained by the Department of Medical Oncology, Erasmus University, Carl Zeiss BV, and New England Peptide Inc.
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de Marchi, T. (2016, October 13). Discovery of Protein Biomarkers Associated to Tamoxifen Resistance. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from