This study contributes to the discipline of labour law and economics through conducting an empirical analysis. Unlike previous attempts which consider the legal institutions as a simple coded index drawn from the black letter laws of legal statutes, it is proposed to allow a more nuanced understanding of labour market institutions that takes into account the dynamics of local contexts, examines how it helps shape the economic behaviours and provide the systematic empirical evaluation of changes in labour laws on the macro indicators of labour markets. While so doing, the aim is to advance understanding about how the labour market and non-labour market institutions function and influence the functioning of labour markets in the single country framework of India.

H.-B. Schäfer (Hans-Bernd) , M.G. Faure (Michael)
EDLE - The European Doctorate in Law and Economics programme
Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics

Sapkal, R. (2016, October 13). How Law and Law Enforcement Affect Labour Markets in Developing Countries; an empirical study on India. EDLE - The European Doctorate in Law and Economics programme. Retrieved from