The changes in lymphocyte kinetics induced by the lymphocyte mobilizing agent polymethacrylic acid (PMAA) were studied in the normal rat. Quantitative data are presented concerning the degree of lymphocyte mobilization in the spleen and in various lymph nodes at different times after PMAA administration. Data were also obtained regarding the exact site of lymphocyte mobilization in the spleen. Evidence is given that PMAA mobilizes both T and B lymphocytes. Furthermore, results are presented on the different routes along which mobilized lymphocytes reach the blood. It is concluded that lymphocytes mobilized from the various lymph nodes are transported to the peripheral blood mainly by way of the efferent lymphatics (‘indirect’ route) while lymphocytes mobilized from the spleen will enter the blood chiefly via the so‐called ‘direct’ route. The relevance of these data to lymphocyte kinetics is discussed in relation to the planning of effective irradiation schedules for extra‐corporeal irradiation of the blood during induced lymphocyte mobilization. Copyright,
Cell Proliferation

Ormai, S., Hagenbeek, A., Palkovits, M., & van Bekkum, D. (1973). Changes of Lymphocyte Kinetics in the normal rat, induced by the Lymphocyte Mobilizing Agent Polymethacrylic Acid. Cell Proliferation, 6(4), 407–423. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2184.1973.tb01628.x