In this paper the thesis is submitted that there is something fundamentally amiss in Western Sinology: ‘China experts’ either pretend to be knowledgeable about everything related to China, in which case they cannot be taken seriously, or–– eventually––admit not to be scientific all-rounders with respect to the country, in which case they cannot be called ‘China experts’.

The author expects no tenured professor of Chinese Studies/History to share this view. Having exposed the weakness, indeed the scandal of old-style Sinology, he also points out the way junior Sinologists should go. The fork in that road is two-pronged: translating or collaborating.

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Asian Studies
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Kuijper, H. (2014). What’s wrong with the study of China/countries. Asian Studies, 2 (XVIII)(1 (2014)), 151–185. doi:10.4312/as.2014.2.1.151-185