The group 1 metabotropic glutamate receptors 1 and 5 (mGluR1/5) have been implicated in mechanisms of synaptic plasticity and may serve as potential therapeutic targets in autism spectrum disorders. The interactome of group 1 mGluRs has remained largely unresolved. Using a knockout-controlled interaction proteomics strategy we examined the mGluR5 protein complex in two brain regions, hippocampus and cortex, and identified mGluR1 as its major interactor in addition to the well described Homer proteins. We confirmed the presence of mGluR1/5 complex by (i) reverse immunoprecipitation using an mGluR1 antibody to pulldown mGluR5 from hippocampal tissue, (ii) coexpression in HEK293 cells followed by coimmunoprecipitation to reveal the direct interaction of mGluR1 and 5, and (iii) superresolution microscopy imaging of hippocampal primary neurons to show colocalization of the mGluR1/5 in the synapse.

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Pandya, N.J. (Nikhil J.), Klaassen, R.V. (Remco V.), van der Schors, R.C. (Roel C.), Slotman, J. A., Houtsmuller, A., Smit, A., & Li, K.W. (Ka Wan). (2016). Group 1 metabotropic glutamate receptors 1 and 5 form a protein complex in mouse hippocampus and cortex. Proteomics, 16(20), 2698–2705. doi:10.1002/pmic.201500400