Stichting Present is a Dutch social enterprise that builds a bridge in society between people who are willing to help (volunteer) and people who need help. At Present, people volunteer in groups, being part of one (precisely defined) community such as a sport club, church or fraternity. The people in need are mostly dealing with social isolation or are multi-problem cases lacking a direct network of people to help them. Present usually provides a first step in recovery by for example cleaning a house.

Present is a movement with more than 70 local Presents. They are being facilitated by the small national headquarters (Present Nederland). The local Presents remain fully responsible for their own fundraising and pay an annual franchise fee for the provided services. With declining funds, the national headquarters increasingly relies on the franchise fee of the local Presents. But in 25% of the cases, local Presents struggle with fundraising. The ideology of local autonomy and empowerment is strong, but there is doubt whether Zeldenrust should intervene in these 25% to eventually save Present Nederland. Students are challenged to think about options to solve this dilemma.

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Based on field research; 6 pages.
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ter Meer, J., & Meijs, L. (2016). Stichting Present: Social Impact Through Local Empowerment. RSM Case Development Centre. Retrieved from