Uber gets entangled in many regulatory and legal hassles as it moves into new countries. It has to figure out how to sustain its lead in the heavily regulated and ever-changing car-sharing market. Moreover, despite a landslide market share, Uber operates at a loss. The main challenge for this young and aggressive company is how to lower costs and become profitable.

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Keywords Strategy And General Management, Ride sharing, transportation, GPS based car service, app based car service, product delivery, millennials, regulation, competition, new industry creation, industry disruption, globalization, growth stratgey, expansion, surge pricing, stunt marketing
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Series RSM Case Development Centre
Note based on field research; 14 pages
Hoffman, A.N, & Gold, N. (2016). Uber: Feeling the Heat from Competitors and Regulators Worldwide. RSM Case Development Centre. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/94062

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