Previous research suggests that employee job crafting is positively related to job performance through employee work engagement. The present study expands this individual-level perspective to the team level by hypothesizing that team job crafting relates positively to team performance through team work engagement. In addition, on the basis of social psychological theories about norms, modeling, and emotional contagion in groups, we hypothesize that team job crafting relates to individual performance through (a) individual job crafting and individual work engagement; and (b) team work engagement and individual work engagement. Data was collected among 525 individuals working in 54 teams that provided occupational health services. The results largely supported the hypotheses. Specifically, team job crafting was associated with individual performance via the hypothesized sequential mediation paths. The practical implications of the study are discussed and we conclude that job crafting can be simultaneously used at the team and individual level to improve job performance.

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Group & organization management
Department of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Tims, M., Bakker, A., Derks-Theunissen, D., & van Rhenen, W. (2013). Job Crafting at the Team and Individual Level: Implications for Work Engagement and Performance. Group & organization management, 38(4), 427–454. doi:10.1177/1059601113492421