Thin‐slice contiguous computed tomographic scanning was performed in four postmortem hearts with calcific aortic valve stenosis (mean weight: 583 ± 78 g; mean age: 65 ± 10 years) before, during, and after balloon valvuloplasty. Balloons of increasing diameter (15–19 mm single balloons, and 3 × 12‐mm trefoil‐shaped balloon) were positioned across the aortic valve and manually inflated to pressures of 3 to 4 atmospheres. During inflation of the 3 × 12‐mm balloon a larger residual orifice, potentially free for blood passage, was observed in the two cases with bicuspid valves and in one case with a fused tricuspid valve, while the reverse was noted in one case with a tricuspid valve without fusion. In most cases valvular orifice enlargement only occurred with larger diameter balloons. After valvuloplasty aortic valve area increased from 0.72 (range 0.20–0.95) cm2 to 2.36 (range 0.95–3.14) cm2. The smallest orifice enlargement after dilatation occurred in case 1, where valvular calcified deposits had the largest volume and the highest computed tomographic attenuation value. In each patient macroscopic changes (fracture of nodular calcifications, commissural splitting, tearing of the central raphe) were noted. No calcium dislodgement or aortic ring damage was observed. In autopsy specimens computed tomography provided accurate evaluation of aortic valve morphology, extent of valve calcification, balloon‐leaflet relationship during inflation, and effects of the dilatation on valve leaflets and commissures. Advances in computed tomographic cardiovascular imaging may achieve similar results in the clinical setting, and allow a more rational, individualized approach to the valvuloplasty procedure. (J Interven Cardiol 1988:1:2) Copyright,
Journal of Interventional Cardiology: an international forum for global cardiovascular therapies
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

di Mario, C., van Veen, L. C. P., DE BAAT, L. (LEEN), Essed, C., Beatt, K., Leborgne, O., & Serruys, P. (1988). Computed Tomography During Experimental Balloon Dilatation For Calcific Aortic Stenosis. A Look into the Mechanism of Valvuloplasty. Journal of Interventional Cardiology: an international forum for global cardiovascular therapies, 1(2), 95–107. doi:10.1111/j.1540-8183.1988.tb00394.x