The aim of this thesis is to provide insights into possible causes for the recent mumps outbreaks among MMR vaccinated persons in the Netherlands. In this way, our research contributes to the evaluation of the MMR vaccine in the light of the recent mumps outbreaks worldwide and can be used to inform public health decisions.

Specifically, the objectives of this thesis are to:
1) Investigate the role of epidemiological, virological and immunological factors in the occurrence of the recent mumps outbreaks;
2) Track mumps virus transmission using sequencing as a tool;
3) Study the effect of MMR vaccination on the development of mumps virus infection and severity of disease.

M.P.G. Koopmans D.V.M. (Marion) , R.S. van Binnendijk (Rob)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Virology

Gouma, S. (2016, December 2). Unravelling Factors Contributing to Mumps Outbreaks. Retrieved from