- (Editorial) What pratitioners and academics want to know about audit quality / Jan Bouwens
- If auditors are like Belgian beers, which style would you prefer? Discussion of “Auditor style and financial statement comparability” by Francis, Pinnuck, and Watanabe (2014) / Liesbeth Bruynseels and Herman van Brenk
- A discussion of “Auditor-client co-production of the audit and the effect on production efficiency” / Sytse Duiverman and Christine Nolder
- Opportunities to improve the measurement of audit quality: a call for collaboration between the profession and academics / Jeroen van Raak and Ulrike Thürheimer
- Debate on Public Audit Oversight enforcement: it is all about procedural justice? / Joost van Buuren and Annie Wong
- Panel discussion: A multi-stakeholder perspective on audit quality and audit research / Philip Wallage
- A view from practice - What audit firm leaders expect from audit research and how they see their role in strengthening the bridge between practice and science / Olof Bik

C.D. Knoops (Chris) , J.M.F.G. Bouwens (Jan) , O.P.G. Bik (Olof) , P. Wallage (Philip)
Maandblad voor accountancy en bedrijfseconomie : MAB
Erasmus School of Economics

Knoops, C., Bouwens, J., Bik, O., & Wallage, P. (Eds.). (2016). What do we know about audit quality?. Maandblad voor accountancy en bedrijfseconomie : MAB, 90 (2016)(9), 337–377. Retrieved from