This review builds on a recently published review of research on race/ethnicity in the Netherlands (Stevens et al., 2011) by including important, additional studies that were previously omitted for the period 1980–2008 and by including more recent research published during the years 2009–2010. In addition, whilst the 1980–2008 review compares the various research traditions that emerged in the Netherlands with those that developed in England, this review focuses exclusively on the Dutch context,
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Stevens, P., Crul, M., Slootman, M. W., Clycq, N., Timmerman, C., & Van Houtte, M. (2014). The Netherlands. In The Palgrave Handbook of Race and Ethnic Inequalities in Education (pp. 519–558). doi:10.1057/9781137317803_18