This article describes a best practice model for standardization within companies, based on a process approach to the development of company standards. Per process, a best practice is developed based on an investigation within six multinational companies and a review of literature, if any. The findings are benchmarked against experiences in three comparable fields: IT management, quality management, and knowledge management. Though the number of company standards exceeds by far the number of external standards, they have been neglected in standardization research. The authors hope that standards practitioners will benefit from their study and that it will stimulate researchers to pay more attention to this topic.

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International Journal of Standardization Research (IJSR)
Department of Technology and Operations Management

de Vries, H., & Slob, F.J.C. (Florens J.C.). (2006). Best Practice in Company Standardization. International Journal of Standardization Research (IJSR), 4(1), 62–85. doi:10.4018/jitsr.2006010104