This book presents a radically different approach to innovation aimed at creating new growth cycles for the Russian economy. To better grasp the opportunities hidden behind worldwide megatrends, such as the growing economic prosperity of Asian countries and the importance of the internet-based economy, the authors argue for a reinvention of Russia’s innovation strategy. Instead of a purely technology-driven approach, the authors illustrate how the principles of strategic innovation help develop institutional and non-technical innovation, as well as new forms of leadership and entrepreneurship within the Russian business culture. The authors also discuss the impact of strategic innovation on corporate strategies, innovation and economic policy, as well as academic research and development agendas. The book also sheds new light on how cooperation between Russia and the EU, the US and China in the area of innovation can be of mutual benefit.,
Erasmus University Rotterdam

van Someren, T.C.R. (Taco C. R.), & Van Someren-Wang, S. (Shuhua). (2016). Strategic innovation in Russia: Towards a sustainable and profitable national innovation system. Strategic Innovation in Russia: Towards a Sustainable and Profitable National Innovation System, 1–289. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-41081-4