This article shows how a research journal can be used as a tool to reflect on issues arising during the phase of data collection. Especially in cross-cultural comparative research, unexpected cultural issues are likely to arise. The most critical is the phase of data collection, where decisions have to be made quickly. This article demonstrates how to establish and maintain a research journal during cross-cultural face-to-face interviewing with entrepreneurs. It provides ten suggestions for "what" and "why" to take notes on during five phases of data collection. Furthermore, the article elaborates on how a research journal could be used to deal with emotions as well as methodological and ethical issues that may arise.

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Entrepreneurship Research Journal
Department of Public Administration

Annink, A. (2017). Using the Research Journal during Qualitative Data Collection in a Cross-Cultural Context. Entrepreneurship Research Journal, 7(1). doi:10.1515/erj-2015-0063