Using a status quo bias perspective, this paper examines the relation between customers' inertia and continuance intention, identifying the moderating role of contractual subscription on this relationship. The authors' model is validated using data collected from 457 mobile phone service customers and partial least squares. Results show that customers continue with mobile service providers due to their inertia resulting from habit and switching costs. The effect of customers' inertia on their continuance intention is stronger when they have a contractual subscription with the mobile service provider. The authors' results show the importance of including inertia when studying customers' continuance intention and taking into account the specific moderating effect of contractual subscription.

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Keywords Continuance intention, Contractual subscription, Customer inertia, Mobile service providers, Status Quo Bias
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Series ERIM Top-Core Articles
Journal Journal of Global Information Management
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Khedhaouria, A, Thurik, A.R, Gurau, C. (Calin), & van Heck, H.W.G.M. (2016). Customers' continuance intention regarding mobile service providers: A Status Quo Bias perspective. Journal of Global Information Management, 24(4), 1–21. doi:10.4018/JGIM.2016100101